Welcome week

We are organizing a Welcome Week called ESE (Erstsemestereinführung) for all new students at our department. It is a great opportunity for you to get in touch with others students and to get to know campus and the city of Dresden.


Our ESE schedule 2014

Date Time Event
Monday, 06.10.2014 3:00pm BAR-Schnitzeljagd (treasure hunt) and barbecue
Tuesday, 07.10.2014 1:00 pm Master barbecue
1:45 pm LaborTour (lab tour)
8:00 pm ClubTour (tour through the Studentklubs)
Wednesday, 08.10.2014 starting at 1:00 pm VDE-Exkursionen (excursions)
1:30 pm Exkursion KraftWerk – Dresdner Energiemuseum (excursion to the electricity museum)
2:00 pm CampusTour (tour over campus)
Thursday, 09.10.2014 6:00 pm NeustadtTour (sightseeing tour through the Neustadt neighbourhood)
8:00 pm Kneipentour (pub and bar tour)
Friday, 10.10.2014 4:00 pm AltstadtTour (sightseeing tour through the touristy parts of Dresden)
17.10. – 19.10.2014 ESE-Wochenende (ESE weekend)
Sa, 18.10.2014 8:10 am ESE-Wanderung (ESE hiking tour)
If we have to change the time or place, you will find the information on our facebook page.

Further information of the events:

BAR-Schnitzeljagd (treasure hunt) and barbecue: Monday, 6.10.14, after the orientation lecture  During the treasure hunt you will get to know our department´s main building. Afterwards you can enjoy our barbecue with steak, bratwurst and more.


Master barbecue: Tuesday, 07.10.2014, 1:00 pm, pond next to the Barkhausenbau

For our Master students we organize an extra barbecue so that they can get to know each other and not only students of the first semester which are quite in the majority.


LaborTour (lab tour) : Tuesday, 07.10.2014, 1:45 pm

You get the chance to see what our department is researching on right now. As there is limited space in the labs, you need to register for the tour here.

Meeting point is right in front of the Barkhausenbau


ClubTour (tour through the Studentclubs): Tuesday, 7.10.14,  8:00 pm

We are exploring the Studentenclubs in  Dresden. They are usually next to the dorms and are a nice place to hang out at night and even to dance.

Meeting point is the Studentenclub Wu5 (August-Bebel-Str. 12)


CampusTour:  Wednesday, 08.10.2014, 2:00 pm

Event though you will spend most of your time at the Barkhausenbau, you still need to know where to find the dining hall or the library. We will show you all those places during the CampusTour.


Excursions: Wednesday, 08.10.2014, starting at 1:00 pm

VDE Exkursionen

The VDE Hochschulgruppe Dresden offers several different excursions to interesting companies associated with electrical engineering. You can register here:  VDE Hochschulgruppe.


Guided tour KraftWerk  (energy museum; 1:30 pm)

We are also offering an excursion to the energy museum KraftWerk. There we will have a guided tour where we learn more about transformers and other components. As there is a limited number of spots, you need to register here.


Sightseeing Tours:

Dresden is very popular among tourists. But you don´t need to invest a bunch of money for a tour guide as we offer you a free tour. The AltstadtTour takes place in the most touristy part of Dresden. There you will see famous buildings as Frauenkirche and Semperoper. The Neustadt neighborhood is more trendy and artsy and way different than the Altstadt.

AltstadtTour: Friday, 10.10.2014, 4:00 pm, meeting point: Postplatz (red gate)

NeustadtTour:  Thursday, 09.10.2014, 6:00 pm, meeting point: Albertplatz


Kneipentour (pub and bar tour): Thursday, 09.10.2014 , 8:00 pm

Dresden has a big variety of pubs and bars which we would like to show you. At the same time you will see the Neustadt at night which can be way different than during the day.

meeting point:  Albertplatz at 8pm


ESE-Wanderung (ESE hiking tour): Saturday, 18.10.14

We would like to go hiking with you in the Sächsische Schweiz which has a beautiful landscape. It is also a nice way to get to know the other students and the surrounding of Dresden at the same time.

meeting point: Hauptbahnhof Dresden (in front of the BurgerKing) at 8:10am


ESE-Fahrt (ESE weekend):

A great way to get to know others is spending a weekend with them. We will be in Wehlen (Sächsische Schweiz) for 3 days so you have plenty of time to hang out with the others. On Saturday we go hiking in the Sächsische Schweiz where some more students will join us.