Boards and committes

The way students can participate in the university life here is somehow unique to Germany/Saxony. That’s why you might not find any translation for most boards, committee and so on. However, we tried to translate some of them:

Fachschaft = student body of a certain faculty
Fachschaftsrat (FSR) = student representatives elected by all members of a Fachschaft
Fakultätsrat = board of faculty
Prüfungsamt = examination authority
Studienkommission = Learning and teaching committee
Prüfungsausschuss = something like board of examination regulations or judiciary of examination regulations?
Studienordnung = study regulations
Prüfungsordnung = examination regulations
Studentenrat = student council

Studienkommission (Stuko):
Every course of study has one Studienkommission where 50% of its members are students, 50% are professors. They decide on changes in the curriculum, allocation of credit points, content of modules, regulations for examinations and evalutation of examination performances. Short: they decide on what you study, how you study and when you study a module. It’s the most important board to take part in the improvement of education.

Every course of study has one Prüfungsausschuss where students represent one third of its members. They are in charge of all legal aspects of examination regulations: surveillance of adherence to the Prüfungsordnung (examination regulations), accreditation of academic records, admittance to exams. They decide in case of problems that are not covered by the Prüfungsordnung.

Studentenrat (StuRa):
Every FSR delegates representatives to the StuRa. The StuRa is the highest decision-making body of students at TU Dresden. They discuss topics that concern all students at our university like prices for the Semesterticket, organization of festivals, financial support for student activities and academic policy. They offer councel for social issues (finance, foreign students, studying with children,…), and study issues; they deal with sports, culture, political education and quality of education.