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免费 : German writing courses!




  • 写作风格符合学术标准吗?
  • 文章结构合理吗?
  • 句子结构和语法正确吗?


每周一 16:40     教室: BAR II-20E
每周三 14:50     教室:BAR II-20E
请在此预约时间: OPAL  –>   电子信息技术学院  –>  德语科学写作?!   –>   时间预约

Individual Tutorials in German academic writing

Academic writing in German?


Do you need help with the revision of your German manuskript?
We offer a 1-1 appointment service for all international students

  • to help you develop strategies
  • to improve your writing skills in German.

Tutors help you individually, confidentially and without charge!


You can schedule an appointment online:
Lernplattform OPAL –> Lernressoucen –> TU Dresden –> Fakultät Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik –> Wissenschaftlich Schreiben auf Deutsch?! –> Terminvergabe

Christmas party December 12th

We would like to invite you to our faculty’s annual christmas party: the “WeiFei”!
Join us for music, fun, christmas feelings and as much free cookies, waffles and Glühwein as you want!

When? Thursday, December 12th at 7 p.m.
Where? room BAR/E-63Z

Tickets are on sale now:
– purchased in advance: 3,50€ (just visit us in our FSR office in BAR/165)
– evening box office: 4,50€
… and free entry for everyone in a costume! 🙂